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  • Preslav
c. Veliki Preslav. Municipality Vliki Preslav. State Shumen.

Veliki Preslav is the second Bulgarian capital (893-969/971) In 971 it is conquered and sacked by the Byzantines. The capital is again a stronghold in the XI-XII century in the period of the Byzantine slavery after the rising of Asen and Petar (1185-11187).

The town is established in the first half of the IX centyry in the time of the reign of Khan Omurtag as а милитаръ camp with strenghten palace and garrison. Tsar Simeon I has moved the capital of the First Bulgarian Realm in Veliki Preslav, situated 30 km far away from the old capital Pliska. He makes the new capital in the most beautiful city to the north of Stara Planina mountain and one of the most impressive cities in the whole Eastern Europe (the age of the "Golden century"). Here are saved one of the most important monuments of the the culture of Pliska and Preslav. The outer city (3,5 square km area) has been surrounded by walls of white stones high 10 meters and wide 3,25 meters. The construction of the gates, the towers and the walls are similar to these in Pliska. In the inner city, also surrounded by a wall, is located the complex of the residence of the tsar - monumental stone palaces like the Big palace and the Throne court with columns, and also a Round church with rich decoration of mosaic, marble and ceramic icons. The city is remarkable for its sewerage and water-supply. There were great people working in the Preslav school of literature - Naum Ochridski, Konstantin Preslavski, Chernorizec Hrabar, Ioan Ekzarh, Prezviter Kozma.

Among the archeological finds (excavations in the end of the IX century and after) there is the ceramic icon of St Teodor Stratilat, the Preslav golden treasure and the ceramic iconostasis from the Palace monastery, an unique collection of lead seals, a precious collection of epigraph monuments.


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