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  • Ovech castle
c. Provadiya. Municipality Provadiya. State Varna.

Ovech, as it has been called by the Bulgarians, is situated in the Kaleto plateau, to the east of the town of Provadia. Ovech has been called by the Byzantines Provat, and by the Turks - Tash Hisar. During the different periods the castle has been inhabited by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Jews. It has been conquered by knights, Turks, Russian armies. During the Second Bulgarian Realm Ovech is an important administrative, economic and church center.

There has lived tsar Peter II. After he has given up the crawn the throne has been taken by his younger brother Asen in 1190. His hobby to hunt has lead him here where long time ago there has been magnificent forests. The legends associates Ovech with the beginning and the spread of the movement lead by Ivailo - a "village tsar". Gradually the castle has been abandoned. The only thing reminding of its past glory is the unique bridge between the castle and the plateau. There are also a lot of wells to gather water, tanks for grain, the ruins of the Metropolitan church, the sentry towers, a stone gate, the prison of the knights, the marble columns of Omurtag. The coat of arms of the castle is the eagle, painted on the rings - seals, found in the castle.


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