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  • Srebarna Nature Reserve
v. Srebarna. Municipality Silistra. State Silistra.

The Nature Reserve near to the village of Srebarna is situated 2 km to the south of Danube river and 16 km to the west of the city of Silistra. Its area is about 600 hectares. It includes the Srebarna lake and the territory surrounding it. It is one of the most interesting humid regions in Europe with a big variety of plants and animals. Peculiar representatives of the water plants are: the water-lily, the marsh snowdrop, the marsh forget-me-not, the bulrush and the reed.

The birds and the animals are pretty rich in rare and precious representatives of the national and the world genetic fund: floating birds, curly-haired pelican, herons, ibises, wild geese and ducks, crayfishes, turtles, otters, stag of a fallow deer, water-rat. There is an ecological station of the Bulgarian acedemy of the science and a museum on the shore. There are exhibits of all animal species, that inhabit the reserve. Srebarna is an unique place that keeps for centuries its original nature.

Srebarna is included in the Convention of the humid regions with international importance and in the List of UNESCO of the world natural and cultural inheritance.

The reserve is situated 16 km to the west of Silistra and 524 km far away from Sofia. It is announced for a reserve in 1948, and announced for a natural monument of UNESCO in 1983.


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