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  • Thracian menhir
v. Ovcharovo. Municipality Harmanli. State Haskovo.

The menhir, also called "Chuchul kamak", is a remarkable religious monument dating from the time of the Thracians, and it is the only one preserved not only in Bulgaria, but maybe in the whole Eastern Europe. The exact purpose of the menhir is not clear. However, it is considered thath it is associated with some religious rituals.

The menhir is situated next to the road in the south part of the village of Ovcharovo. The stone is high 2,20. It is a column with irregular conical form. The menhir is stuck in the ground with its thick end pointing in the ground. A fair had been taking place here arround the castle before about 50-70 years on the feast of Dimitrovden. Here also has took place some chain dances during the fasting from Shrovetide to Easter.

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