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  • Villas for relax in municiality Elena, Bulgaria
Yordan Chukanski
v. Velkovtsi. Municipality Elena. State Veliko Tarnovo.

Guest House "to Hawk's Nest" is located in Elena, 5 km. by Elena at the foot of Stara Planina, Village of Chernomorets. Clean air, quiet, river, forests and mountains are desirable asset for diversity and peace.
Fishing, horseback riding, mushroom picking, hunting, eco trail to Mt Chumerna, skiing, swimming, architectural and historical landmarks, museums.
Price for one day-80

Contacts: GSM-+359894665806

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Villa holiday Elena Hadji Sergei
c. Elena. Municipality Elena. State Veliko Tarnovo.

Holiday House in Elena Balkan. The house is located in the village Ruhovtsi 6 km. by Elena. The house has 8 acres of yard. We offer three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor fireplace building to which it is built kitchen.

Contacts: tel: 0887 620393, 06151 7322

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Lasarovata House
v. Rebrevtsi. Municipality Elena. State Veliko Tarnovo.

The unique and attractive nature of the neighborhood make Lasars House the right choice for vacations with the family and friends among serene atmosphere, fresh mountain air and exceptionally gorgeous views.

Contacts: tel: +359 882 73 94 91

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House Dyado Petkovata Kashta
v. Buinovtsi. Municipality Elena. State Veliko Tarnovo.

House Dyado Petkovata Kashta is located in the village of Buinovtsi, 10 km south from the old mountain city of Elena. She is surrounded by beautiful nature in small village at the Ostrets hill 600 meters up from the sea level. Our guest house is situated on the highest parts of the village with awesome view south to Stara Planina and Chumerna hill 1536 m. The house includes also a huge BBQ place, a stone made sink with pure water, a tavern for all our guests - cozy and warm by the winter and cold by the summer. It also has parking lot for 3 vehicals inside and 5 more outside, a children playground, summer garden with awesome view to Ostrets hill, an outdoor pool.

Contacts: address: Buinovtsi village 5097, Elena municipality
contact person: Petko Hristov Petkov
tel: +359887918325, +3596154 2354

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Villa Relax
c. Elena. Municipality Elena. State Veliko Tarnovo.

There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge tavern with fire-place and kitchen in the villa. There is also a summer grill and a huge yard.

Contacts: tel: 0887541774,
e-mail: villarelax [at] gmail [dot] com

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