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  • Villas for relax in v. Tiulenovo, state Dobrich, Bulgaria
Villa Tiulenovo
v. Tiulenovo. Municipality Shabla. State Dobrich.

Two-storey house on the picturesque beach of Tulenovo. rnThe house is 100 meta shore. rnThe house consists of two floors. rnThe Houce has occomodation for 8 people.rnPrice for the whole house per day 160 BGN. rnFor longer-stay disco

Contacts: Tel: +359896054846
E-mail boomer1@abv.bgrn

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v. Tiulenovo. Municipality Shabla. State Dobrich.

The small village Tulenovo (meaning village of the seals) is located on the picturesque Black Sea cost in easternmost part of Bulgaria, 80 km away from Varna and 30 km from Durankulak at the Rommanian border. Unique caverns above and under water, a gorgeous rocky coast, rare bird species, crystal clear water and clean air make out of the stay here an unforgettable experience. The region offers outdoor activities for all tastes: fishing, diving, adventure spelunking, windsurfing just enjoying swimming and bathing in the sun on one of the longest and most pristine sandy beaches of Bulgaria which is only 10 km away from the village.All this in a still almost untouched nature, far away from mass tourism and road traffic. The coastal family hotel Orbita (the only hotel in the village) with magnificent views over the sea offers an easy, relaxed atmosphere. In one of last inshore resorts where geese flock still hare priority over motor cars, if you are looking for retreat, tranquility, privacy and recreation and want to gain energy from nature, we are the right choice for you.

Contacts: 0888915685

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Guest house Stefi
v. Tiulenovo. Municipality Shabla. State Dobrich.

Cozy guest house on the beach in the village Tyulenovo, away from the stress of big city! Our guest-house is located about 30 meters to the left from the fisherman's boats. We have one one-person room and three rooms with two beds, tavern with fireside, summer barbeque with outside oven, spacious planted with trees and shrubs courtyard with playground and relax places. All of the rooms are centrally heated. We can offer you fully furnished kitchen and refrigerator. Staying in our house is convenient for people who want to enjoy quietness as well as for those who like to party. Nearness of the sea and the unique rocky coast gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of experiences. Fishing, diving, boating, looking at the rock formations and caves by the sea or by land, surfing, are only a small peace of the variety that we can offer you!

Contacts: Contact person: Stefan
tel: +359 878840484, +359 57435421

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