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  • Villas for relax in c. Kalofer, state Plovdiv, Bulgaria
House Nov Dom
c. Kalofer. Municipality Karlovo. State Plovdiv.

House Nov Dom is near the center of the town of Kalofer, on a quiet street with mountain views. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, bath, living room. They are fully furnished. The garden is indoors, planted with a barbeque fireplace and a private dining room and fully equipped tavern.

Contacts: tel: +359 879 512 146

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Tsutsovi House
c. Kalofer. Municipality Karlovo. State Plovdiv.

One real Museum from 1878. The house was built just before the liberation from the Turkish slavery in 1878. It has been burnt down several times by the turkish soldiers, but the foundation remain so it could be renovated. The house has been pronounced for a memorial of culture in 1964. It is one of the few houses kept the renaissance spirit of the town. The house has 5 rooms (one of them is available only during the summer period) and 3 bathrooms. There are TVs and cable television in every room.

Contacts: address: Bulgaria, Kalofer 4370, 7 Blaskova Str.
tel: +359 (0)3133 5483 Kalofer
+359 (0)887804223 - Nikolay
+359 (0)888580771 - Dobrinka

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