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  • Belogradchik Rocks
c. Belogradchik. Municipality Belogradchik. State Vidin.

It is a very beautiful and impressive gallery of high groups of rocks in different shapes. They are majestic and incredible with its beauty and variety. The rocks have the shape of castles, people, animals etc. The basic groups of rocks and separate figures are: "Belogradchishkata krepost", "Monasite", "Monahiniata", "Mechkata", "Adam i Eva", "Borov kamak", "Velkova glava", "Orela", "Gabi", "Magaza", "Uchenichkata", "Kukuvicata". They are scattered all over the south foot of the surrounding of the town of Belogradchik and the villages of Borovitsa, Chiflik, Belotintsi, Falkovets, Goren Chiflik, Dolen Chiflik. The area where the rock structures are situated is 30 km long and is 3 km wide. The Belogradchik castle is a silent witness of surrender of the Turks in 1987 and of the heroism and the self-sacrifice of the local population. The nature has created another structure near to the castle - a human head that wears the name of the legendary haidouk Velko. His fearless squad many times has come down to the village and defended the people from the Turkish enslavers. In the left of the "Velkovata glava" is the vertical cracked rock "Kukuvicata". In strong western wind this rock makes sounds which resembles these of a bird. In the right of the castle rocks there is "Borov kamak". There are big pines in its cracks. There is also the rock scene of faery "Magaza" 5-6 km far away from the castle. Here the nature has made a lot of rock creations: castles, monolythic columns, rock bridges, mushrooms, etc. There is an interesting form - "Momina skala", near to the village of Flakovets. Further you can see "Orlov kamak". There are rock eagles that makes their nests in it. The Belogradchik gorge is a perfect combination of impressive rocks with beautiful forests. The human imagination can see the lonely figures of "Adam i Eva", "Svinksat", "Uchenichkata", "Mechkata", "Metohat", "Monahiniata", "Konnikat" among this rock labyrinth. The rock figure "Monasite" is a little more far away of the rock castle. The french traveller G. A. Blanki, who travelled through Bulgaria in 1848, and visited the Belogradchik Rocks, has been fascinated of its beauty and has wrote that there is no other place in Europe that can be compared with this nature wonder. For the nature forms of Belogradchik are writing with delight also K. Irechek, F. Kanits, F. Toula. The rock groups are also associated with a lot of legends. These majestic and original rock creatures awake admiration in everybody who sees them and leave unforgettable memories.


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