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  • Boyana waterfall
c. Sofiya. Municipality Sofiya. State Sofia.

The Boyana waterfall is the most beautiful and the biggest waterfall in Vitosha mountain and has the hight of 15 meters. The waterfall is especially beautiful during the spring when it is high-water. Boyana is located 7,5 km on north from the city of Sofia, in the foots of Vitosha mountain, and since 1961 is a district of Sofia.

The waterfall reaches its deepest state during the snow melting in the high parts of Vitosha mountain. The splashes of the waterfall can be distinguished among the forest, when you look towards the waterfall, for instance from the position of the National palace of the culture. The waterfall is very accessable from Kopitoto. According to the tempo the walk in the picturescue nature lasts for about one hour to one hour and a half. The way passes through a level path. There is only one hard to pass section that leads to the waterfall - stony and rough ground that is letting down to the waterfall. The other way to reach the waterfall passes through the valley of the river. It is longer but more easy to pass through.


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