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  • Sight sides in Bulgaria
c. Sozopol. Municipality Sozopol. State Bourgas.

Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian sea-side. The first village here is established in the end of IV - III century b.c. Later Greeks from Asia established the town-country Apolonia. Apolonia was the biggest and the richest town on this sea side, centre of a trading and arts.

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Thracian menhir
v. Ovcharovo. Municipality Harmanli. State Haskovo.

The menhir, also called "Chuchul kamak", is a remarkable religious monument dating from the time of the Thracians, and it is the only one preserved not only in Bulgaria, but maybe in the whole Eastern Europe. The exact purpose of the menhir is not clear. However, it is considered thath it is associated with some religious rituals.

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Raisko Praskalo waterfall
c. Kalofer. Municipality Karlovo. State Plovdiv.

In the Raiskite rocks in the Middle region of Stara Planina mountain there is the highest waterfall of all 300 waterfalls in Bulgaria - Raiskoto Praskalo. It is located below a reserve in Bulgaria - "Djendema". The waterfall is situated amongs inaccessable precipices, peaks and rock ridges, plant and animal variety.

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Roman castle Sostra
v. Lomets. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

The Roman military encampment Sostra is situated 12 km north of Troyan and 28 km south of Lovech. At the place are found a lot of coins, utensils, memorial stones. The most intriguing find is an ancient Trakian mask dated about V-IV century before Christ.

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Srebarna Nature Reserve
v. Srebarna. Municipality Silistra. State Silistra.

The Nature Reserve near to the village of Srebarna is situated 2 km to the south of Danube river and 16 km to the west of the city of Silistra. Its area is about 600 hectares. It includes the Srebarna lake and the territory surrounding it. It is one of the most interesting humid regions in Europe with a big variety of plants and animals. Peculiar representatives of the water plants are: the water-lily, the marsh snowdrop, the marsh forget-me-not, the bulrush and the reed.

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Ovech castle
c. Provadiya. Municipality Provadiya. State Varna.

Ovech, as it has been called by the Bulgarians, is situated in the Kaleto plateau, to the east of the town of Provadia. Ovech has been called by the Byzantines Provat, and by the Turks - Tash Hisar. During the different periods the castle has been inhabited by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Jews. It has been conquered by knights, Turks, Russian armies. During the Second Bulgarian Realm Ovech is an important administrative, economic and church center.

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