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  • Sight sides in c. Belogradchik
Belogradchik Rocks
c. Belogradchik. Municipality Belogradchik. State Vidin.

It is a very beautiful and impressive gallery of high groups of rocks in different shapes. They are majestic and incredible with its beauty and variety. The rocks have the shape of castles, people, animals etc. The basic groups of rocks and separate figures are: "Belogradchishkata krepost", "Monasite", "Monahiniata", "Mechkata", "Adam i Eva", "Borov kamak", "Velkova glava", "Orela", "Gabi", "Magaza", "Uchenichkata", "Kukuvicata". They are scattered all over the south foot of the surrounding of the town of Belogradchik and the villages of Borovitsa, Chiflik, Belotintsi, Falkovets, Goren Chiflik, Dolen Chiflik.

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