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  • Villas for relax in state Bourgas, Bulgaria
Villa Vatashki
v. Velika. Municipality Tsarevo. State Bourgas.

Villa Vatashki - vacation with friends! We offer you year-round cottage with friends for a weekend or summer vacation. The villa is 3-stored with 10-11 beds, each floor has a bathroom and a toilet, TV, wood bbq. The villa is located next to the forest in the picturesque village of Velika, 2.5 km from the downtown and 3 km from the spacious beaches. Here you can find sea breeze and forest freshness, peace and quietness for your relaxation!

Contacts: tel: +359 888 928 000, +359 888 359 301

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Villa Nestinarka
v. Balgari. Municipality Tsarevo. State Bourgas.

The villa was in the southeast end Of v. Bulgari with the improbable view to entire Strandja. There are 3 double rooms, day room, summer and a winter kitchen large verandas. SAT TV and inernet .Good for the weekends and time offs in the entire year . In the village there is opportunity for a settling and of groups of up to 50 tourists and a tavern in their their eating center as well. There are opportunities for extra events.

Contacts: 8274 Bulgari vil. Bourgas region
tel: +359 898 66 76 73; +359 878 66 76 73 - Iliya Vlaev

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Villa Stankovi
c. Chernomorets. Municipality Sozopol. State Bourgas.

There are two flats for your relax on the sea in villa Stankovi in the village of Chernomorets. One of the flats is with one bathroom and a lavatory - up to 8 people. The other flat has two bathrooms - up to 10 people. There is a view towards the sea. The villa is located 300 meters far away from the beach. Prices for July - 45-50lv for each flat.
Prices for July to August - 60-100lv.

Contacts: Stankova 0888913481, Chernomorets, Yuri Gagarin street 8

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Ethnographic complex "Chiflika"
c. Primorsko. Municipality Primorsko. State Bourgas.

The ethnographic complex "Chiflika" is a hotel with an inner tavern, an outside restaurant, a craft and ethnographic place, a small zoo and a big yard. The hotel has 9 double rooms, 2 tripple rooms and a flat. There is a tv, a minibar and local heating in each of the rooms.

Contacts: GSM: 0888608999 / Georgy Dimitrov
Tel (reception): 055033353

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Villa Iug
c. Sozopol. Municipality Sozopol. State Bourgas.

Villa "Iug" is located in the north end of Sozopol, Budjarka neighbourhood. The villa offers 2 studious and 10 duble rooms. Each room has a view towards the sea and the camp Kavatsite. There is a green yard.

Contacts: town of Sozopol, Budjaka neighbourhood, Kavatsite street 1a
tel: 0899154169; 055022565

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Villa Maistorov
c. Chernomorets. Municipality Sozopol. State Bourgas.

The village is located 25 km north from the city of Bourgas. There are great beaches. There are 24 beds, 4 of which are double, 4 tripple rooms and a flat with 4 beds, a day bar and a kitchen in the villa.

Contacts: village of Chernomorets, "P. Yavorov" Street 20
tel. 0550 / 72606
gsm. 0888873040

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c. Sozopol
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