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  • Villas for relax in v. Goliama Jeliazna, state Lovech, Bulgaria
Guest house Au Nature
v. Goliama Jeliazna. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

The boutique guest house Au Nature is situated in picturesque and impressive Troyan Mountain, 30 km from Troyan city, 130 km from Sofia, 10 km from main road Sofiq - Varna. Its situated in the foot of one of the peaks of Stara Planina mountain.

Contacts: tel: 0877 133 188
contact person: Silvana Patova
address: Todor Cheparski street 23, village of Golyama Jelyazna, Troyan municipality

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  • Sight sides near v. Goliama Jeliazna
Museum of national artistic crafts
c. Troyan
Natural science museum
v. Cherni Osam
Roman castle Sostra
v. Lomets
National exhibition of the artistic crafts
v. Oreshak
Troyan monastery
v. Oreshak
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