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  • Villas for relax in v. Oreshak, state Lovech, Bulgaria
Guest house "Paradise"
v. Oreshak. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

Guest house "Paradise" is located in the village of Oreshak. It is 100 meters far away from the Troyan monastery and it is very close to the National exhibition of the folk art crafts. the house offers to its guests 1 room for 3 persons and 2 double rooms with bathroom and cable TV.From the terrace you can see lovely sights of the Troyan Balkan. During your stay you also have the possibility to visit the Natural-history museum in Tcherni Ossam,which exponates different kinds of animals from the Central Balkan.If you are a fan of wlking in the mountain, there is a small church "St. Nicola", 40 minutes away.There you can enjoy the beautiful nature,the fresh air and the scielence in the forest. During your stay a lot of taverns with a delicious Balkan dishes are at your disposal.

Contacts: Tel: 0888679310; 0884476237

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Villa Terra verde
v. Oreshak. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

Terra Verde villa is hard to beat: You can have both unforgettable moments with your family, friends, new acquaintances and feel the well-known hospitability and high spirit of the local people.
Terra Verde is a three-star villa which offers two single-bed rooms and four double-bed rooms which can accommodate 3 or 4 people each. Each of them has a separate bathroom, TV set, cable TV, local heating, a fully-equipped self-catering kitchen, barbecue site, garage and a parking lot. There are a lot of restaurants and taverns nearby, where one can taste out of more than 140 national meals, game specialty and dishes baked in an open-hearth furnace.

Contacts: 0899834728

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Villa Avva
v. Oreshak. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

Villa Avva is located in the villa zone of the picturescue Balkan village of Oreshak, 710 meters above sea level, near to the Troyan monastery.
There are three bedrooms. There is a fire-place and a place for relax in the livingroom. There is also cable tv, cd and dvd player.

Contacts: Villa "Avva" in village of Oreshak
tel. for contacts:
+359 888 990 540
+359 888 444 473

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Oreshak Inn
v. Oreshak. Municipality Troyan. State Lovech.

Feel the authentic Bulgarian spirit combined with discreet luxury in the hotel Strannopriemnica - Oreshak. The hotel has 9 rooms, 2 flats with 2 rooms and tavern with 80 seats.

Contacts: village of Oreshak, Stara Planina street 207
tel: 06952/21 09
gsm: 0887/92 70 35

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  • Sight sides near v. Oreshak
National exhibition of the artistic crafts
v. Oreshak
Troyan monastery
v. Oreshak
Roman castle Sostra
v. Lomets
Museum of national artistic crafts
c. Troyan
Natural science museum
v. Cherni Osam
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